Monday, December 14, 2009

Language Of Body: Signs Of Falling In Love

How can you tell that a person is already falling in love with you? A person's body language can spell out his or her true feelings and intentions for you. A person in love has that certain glow every time he or she is with that special person, but what are the other signs?

You will notice that a person is already falling for you if he can't stand being far from you, gives more smiles and laughter, mirror your actions, cannot keep his eyes off you, and have that certain glow.

Personal Space And Distance

A person in love with you would look for several ways just to be closer to you. You will know that a person's personal space has gotten smaller when he or she gets comfortable with you even in the slightest distance. And notice if in a room full of people, he will always try to stay close to you.

That person would also tend to lean his body towards you, whether when sitting down or standing up. The direction of his or her body would be always turned towards you. If not, then the direction of her eyes will show who is in her mind.

More Touch, Smiles, And Laughter

A person who is starting to fall for you would listen to you more, thus would give more reactions than he or she did during your first dates. There would be more laughter even for the cheesiest jokes. While talking, one will find in inevitable from smiling, especially during silence. This is because that person is truly enjoying his or her time with you.

He or she would also touch you from time to time. A tap on the shoulder, placing the hand on the small of the back, hugging, and holding the hands are some of the most common touching body language in falling in love.

The Mirroring Actions

This is a funny yet very sweet signal of attraction since it is done unconsciously most of the time. This is where a person would imitate the actions of that special person. For example, you will prop your chin onto your hand, the person in love with you will follow that specific action.

The Longer Stare

A person in love with you simply cannot take his eyes off you. Most especially when the feeling has just begun to develop, he or she would find difficulty in concentrating on other things. The stare is usually intimate or intense, and it is accompanied with a slight smile.

That Certain Glow

Somehow unexplainable, a person has a certain aura around him or her when he or she is in love and happy. It is due to the extreme happiness and joy coming from the inside, and this is well-reflected with a sparkle in the eyes and a smile that is hard to remove from the face.

When a person falls in love, it changes him entirely and this is reflected in his or her body language. Some people fail to notice this, but these signs are definitely there. The person himself is even unaware that he is already providing hints and clues about his true feelings for that special someone. Most people find them hard to miss, and would love these signals of deep attraction sent through the silence but delivered by simple romantic actions and gestures.

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

10 Things You Need to Know About Love

1. Love does not hurt. Physical and/or emotional abuse are not a part of love.
2. Love is not manipulative, it should not be used to get others to do what you
want. You should never give in to demands based on the, "You would do it if you
loved me!" tactic.
3. Love is an intense feeling of caring for another person. It can take many
different forms (romantic, friendly, familial) but it is always about caring.
4. Although it is true that a big part of love is putting another person's happiness
ahead of your own this never includes compromising your values or being untrue to

5. If somebody asks you to do something that you don't want to do in order
to "prove" your love they do not love you the way you might think they do. When
you love another person you don't ask them to sacrifice a part of themselves in
the name of that love.
6. It is very easy to confuse lust for love. The true measure of romantic love is
commitment and trust not physical attraction.
7. It is possible to feel romantic love for more than one person at a given time.
Just think, if it is possible for you to love both of your parents at the same
time why would it be impossible to feel romantic love for two people at once?
Don't beat yourself up emotionally if you find yourself in this unhappy
situation. But be sure to remain single and be open and honest with all parties
about your feelings and confusion.
8. Sex is NOT love. Love is NOT sex. Sex can be a part of romantic love but it is
never mandatory.
9. Romantic love can (and often does) fade. When it goes there is not always a
reason. When somebody falls out of love with you it does not reflect upon your
value as a person or your desirability.
10.Love should make you feel happy, secure and appreciated.[]

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Elements of True Love

(1) Forgiveness: " not easily provoked" I Cor. 13:5. True love is not easily provoked and when provoked; ready to forgive immediately.

(2) Selflessness: Lust is always selfish, it want sex to satisfy him. Whatever happens to the other party does not concern him. True love on the other hand is selfless. It looks for the way to satisfy the other party. It makes sure she is not hurt and is ready to wait till wedding day before sex, because it is not selfish.

(3) Excitement: True love looks forward to see the other party again, she is unhappy to see he goes, not because of money or sex. In fact she is ready to pay his transport fare if he has none just for him to come and say hello! If you are engaged with somebody who is not excited seeing you, he is not proud to introduce you to friends and family, know that you have not gotten a lover yet.

(4) Righteousness: Purity is the hallmark of true love. It does not involve secret kissing, dark place meetings, street corner romance, illicit sex, embrace that embarrasses God, unholy fondling, necking and immoral intimacy. True love has nothing to hide, it does not have any secret; it is as bold as a lion. If holiness is lacking in that relationship of yours, then it is not true love, it is lust no matter how you feel about it. If your pastor must not know what you are doing behind close door, if your parent must not hear about what you are doing with that guy, then it is not love, it may be hard for you to agree with me, the fact still remains that, it is lust not love, because "love does not rejoice in iniquity..." I Cor. 13:6.

(5) Peace: Have you lost your peace because you are in love? Have fear, guilt, regret and worry envelop you because you are deeply in love? Then it is not God's type of love, because God is not an author of confusion but of peace.

(6) Fondness: If you are not fond of the person you said you love or you do not want people to know that you are in love with him, you only want her when you are behind closed doors or you only want him when calendar reads 25th day of the month because you know he will soon get his salary, then it is not genuine love.

(7) Patience: Is your partner pestering you with sex? Did he say he cannot wait that he wants you now else he will drop you? Do not give in, this is evidence that he has never been in love with you, if you give in to him, he will still drop you anyway.

(8) Submission: "Love does not parade itself, is not puffed up" I Cor. 13: 14. Love is ready to submit to the wish of the other party, it is not proud, it does not parade itself. It is ready to say "let's go ahead if that is how you want it".

(9) Commitment: True love involves commitment of the spirit, soul and body. It gives everything into the relationship. It writes letters send e-mails, make phone calls, pay visits and gives gift. They are moved by the plight of their partners. They look forward to seeing each other. They are ready to call for reconciliation whenever there is a misunderstanding. They are deeply committed to each other.

(10) Sacrifice: True love is not only committed to the other party, but also ready to make sacrifice. A university undergraduate once used her school fees and personal food allowance to pay for the medical bills of her fiance. That is sacrifice and that is love. A young lady once refused to be her friend's chief bridesmaid and used the money she would have use to buy her dress, shoes and bag to pay for her fiance school fees. That is what I call true love. Love is sacrificial.[]

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Monday, November 23, 2009

You Can Find True Love Online

A lot of people are busy. They are busy trying to make their ends meet. There are bills to get paid and they cannot afford to sit at home or go to places and have fun unless it is during the holiday. Finding someone perfect in this busy schedule can almost be impossible but thanks to technology it is no longer hard to find someone special. Many people have been known to find true love online because there are thousands of people registered here. With this great number, you cannot go wrong in looking for love. Your one true love could be among these people. If you look in the right places, that is, in the right dating site, you will not miss him or her. True love can be found anywhere; it can be found the traditional way or the online way. Which ever method works for you is what you should use to find true love.

When looking for true love online this is what you should do. You should get registered to one of the dating sites. Before you join one of those, you will need to have a good profile that will attract someone to have a second look at it. Have a very catchy introduction to catch someone attention. Secondly, if you are comfortable with your picture being posted online, post one that is perfect. This way, someone who views your profile will know that you are real. Make sure that you involve your friend in photo choosing session so that they choose for you the best photo to post on your profile. []

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where to Find True Love

True love, many people are looking for this one and only true love. Some of them will be lucky to find true love in their lifetime. Some of them will be so unlucky. The other day a friend of mine after breaking up her relationship came crying to me. She told me she believes that her true love died a long time ago and it is almost fruitless to even try and find it anyway. As I listen to her, a thought struck me, could that be true and if it is true. Just how many people are not going to find their true love just because there one true love died? However I do believe there was someone made for each one of us that is special and that is what I told my friend. The question is how do you find true love among the many people who are not really interested in love but things you can do for them?

Find true love in a dating site. There are so many dating sites that have come up. Some of them are free and others are paid for. The amount people pay for in these sites is not so much and whichever site you choose should work nicely for you. In these dating sites there are people who are seriously looking for someone they can share their lives with and there are some who are looking for 'harmless' fun as they call it. Take care not to fall prey for those who are looking to have fun. Be very careful when you chat with some of these single people online. Remember to take all the precautions necessary not to get hurt by any of these people. You will need to make a profile that is captivating for you to attract someone. Take care not to lie on your profile.

Find true love in singles clubs or groups. Many people are registered in these singles clubs. You can identify one in your area and attend some of their meetings. Take part in the many activities that they organize to increase your chances of meeting with that someone special. If you feel the group is not working for you do not hesitate to move to another group. Move to several singles club until you find a club that best suits you. When you finally find that true love you can be sure to also find your one and true love. Do not join a club that you do not like doing the activities they have. If you do not like mountain climbing, do not join a club that has a lot of mountain climbing activities. This is because you will not have fun.

Find true love amongst your friends. Sometimes true love could be staring us in the eyes and we never realize it. It could be that person that keeps telling you that they love you. You have got so used to hearing them say that that you no longer take any notice when they say it. That could be your true love and since he does not want to force you to love them back, they will wait in the shadows, watch you get hurt time and time again, wish that they could stop the hurt but you would not let them. Check among your friends. You could find true love there.(

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What True Love Means in Reality

True love really exists. It is very rare but some people are lucky enough to find it. If you are one of those lucky people who have found true love, make sure you hold on to it. Never ever make people you love feel like you are using them and that you do not love. This is because they might leave when you least expect it. However, there are some people who think that they are in love and that there love is true only for them to discover otherwise. True love means that a person loves you more than enough never to let you go. When you need him or her the most, they will be there to hold your hands and to assure you that things are going to be okay. True love will not bolt on the first sign of trouble.

True love means that the two people who say they love each other really love each other. They do not only say it to themselves and the people who are listening but they act on it. True love is never one sided where by one of the person in the relationship loves the other more than the other. It has to be at least equal and if it is not equal the difference should not be too great that is quite noticeable by people who were not even looking. True love is selfless, that is just what true love means.

True love means so many things. Among those things is that true love is all about sharing. People who love each other share things that affect them. They will not also say that something belongs to them and the other person should not touch it. True love will allow you to share each others things. Now here comes the complicated staff. True love though allows people to share things; true love is also respectful of people's possessions. They will not misuse them in the name of loving each other but rather they will be careful while using their partner’s things. They will even ask for permission to use the staff before they even try to get any where near it. So do not hide behind true love and spoil your partner’s things and expect them to understand because they love you.

True love means that you trust each other enough to close your eyes and let your partner lead the way. That means you believe in him or her and you know that they cannot hurt you because they love you. It also believes and trusts that you are not having a relationship behind their backs and that even if you went out, it wouldn't be to have an affair with someone else but it would be because you want to have fun with you friends. True love is everlasting and because of that it plans right ahead. If a person does not love you, you will not hear of any plans for the future. All their talks will be the present and never will you hear anything about the future.(

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True Love Is...

* True Love is Caring. The ancient Greeks had many different names for different forms of love: passion, virtuous, affection for the family, desire, and general affection. But no matter how love is defined, they all hold a common trait: caring.

* True Love is Attractive. Attraction and chemistry form the bond that allows people to mate. Without this romantic desire for another individual, a relationship is nothing more than lust or infatuation.

* True Love is Attached. Like the mother-child bond, attachment comes after the initial attraction. Attachment is the long term love that appears anywhere from one to three years into a romantic relationship (sometimes sooner and very rarely after), and you'll know you've found it when you can honestly say, "I've seen the worst and the best you have to offer, and I still love you," while your partner feels the same way.

* True Love is Commited. When it comes to true love, commitment is more than just monogamy. Its the knowledge that your partner cares for you and has your back, no matter what the circumstances. People who are strongly commited to one another will, when faced with seemingly negative information about their partner, see only the positive. For example, a friend comments that your partner doesn't say a lot. "Ah yes, he's the strong, silent type," you reply. People with less commitment to their partner would instead say something like, "Yeah, I can never have conversation with him. Its annoying."

* True Love is Intimate. Intimacy is a crucial component of all relationships, regardless of their nature. In order to know another, you need to share parts of yourself. This self-revealing behavior, when reciprocated, forms an emotional bond. Over time this bond strengthens and even evolves, so that two people merge closer and closer together. Intimacy by itself if is a great friendship, but compiled with the other things in this list, it forms an equation for true love.[]

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Monday, November 9, 2009


Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
—I Corinthians 13:4-8a

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